Week One in Chennai

The first week for me was the toughest. Jet lagging was expected but my stomach not feeling well due to eating too much curries. Curry and Masala are the best that’s why I ate these almost everyday and causing me trouble. This is also the week that my first time seeing all my STI team members that I Skyped with them at night in Vancouver. I heard their voices many times but this is the time I am actually talk to them face to face. When I am in Vancouver, I can hardly remember who is who because I only hear their voice but now I can recognize most of them.

First couple days, I considered myself in day dreaming mode. I was not feeling well and with jet lag I can hardly working in top performance. I also need to Skype with Richmond folks to update my status twice a week. However, in the middle of the week I was getting better and starting to resume to my normal work pace. My impression with these teams in STI is they are hard working, they want to get their work done right and quicker and most of them are smart as well. People might say that STI not doing their job right, taking too long to finish a task or complete a story but my perspective is that they already did their best that they can control. Even though I can see some improvements that they can do better like problem solving skills, more agility when facing issues but some other problems are also due to communication, network infrastructure, time zone difference and not enough training for Accpac and Orion.

After work I sometimes go to the pub downstairs to have some beers. The famous local beer in India is called King Fisher but the first day I just ordered a Corona from Mexico. I have ordered fish and chip too but the fish was quite dry to my likings.

During the weekend my buddy brought me to sight seeing and shopping. This is the first time I was actually experience how people in Chennai do during their weekend. This weekend was hot and this was not the kind of weather I like for shopping outdoor or even indoor. After a short period of walk on the street my buddy decided to give me a bike ride to the beach. Marine Beach is the world 2nd longest beach. After spending an hour at the beach he also brought me to one of the famous church near the beach – San Thome. I was having a fun first week in Chennai.

Food for this week

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