Week Two in Chennai

After the first week struggling with illness and jet lag I was back to normal. This was also the week I really worked with the team together and I realized that it’s quite difficult and different working in here. The working environment was no comparison to what I used to have in Vancouver. It might not be anything wrong if you are locals but for me it’s a challenge. Everyone knows that Chennai’s weather is hot even though the office has air condition but you can also see fan all over the place. The reason for this is because the A/C is not powerfully enough to serve the whole floor.

Another thing I feel special is power outages happen at least twice per day. If this happen in Vancouver, everyone in the office will be running around and try to figure it out why. In STI office, nobody even care and continue with their work because this is a norm in here. The first time this occured to me was a shocked and what I was thinking at that moment was “What the f…, I need my air condition if not I don’t think I can concentrate on my work”. But usually power outages only stands for 30 seconds and it will be back up again. Now, I am getting used to this even this was happening during my training session to STI developers but I keep continue my training.

Sprint pre-planning session in office

August 15th is a public holiday in India so I got an extra day off in this week which was a bonus to me. During these three days of holidays I went to a lot of places. Thanks to my buddy and also some team members spending time with me and also thanks to the STI office offered me a free cab for all of my sight seeing travel.

Visit to St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas Church

One of the famous collywood movie in India. That lady was Miss World.

I brought my first Kurta - India traditional clothing

Chennai Citi Center Mall

Shopping at Chennai Citi Center Mall

Swimming pool inside the hotel

That's the famous big rock at Mahabalapuram

This was hand crafted from one big stone

Visit Crocodile Bank near Mahabalapuram

Funny picture with the sign

My buddy Vijay played with the waves at the beach near Mahabalapuram

Chicken Masala very yummy

Naan - the prefect match with curry or masala

Usually restaurant in here will give you this candy as mouth freshener

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