Last Week in Chennai

Time flies, this was my last week or last ten days in Chennai already. Again, they were having a pretty good sprint as well. Most teams can completed their stories but one team didn’t have enough QA resources and some stories need to defer to the next sprint because testing cannot be completed by the end of the sprint.

Sprint demo in progress

In this trip, I am happy that I have achieved what I want to do in Chennai. I gave developers technical support, gave training sessions, facilitated communication with Richmond team, gave suggestions to Scrum Masters and POs how to work smarter and more effectively, how to be more agile, make sure they follow scrum process, when to raise questions to Richmond team and make sure the questions are clear and precise enough to avoid emails back and forth for clarification.

I have also experience working in STI office. Their work environment is totally different from North America. Their office facilities are also different. However, their work ethic is the same as in Richmond. Everyone wants to complete the project on time, work extra hours, work extra hard and also making sure what they produced are high quality. We are all concentrate one sprint at a time. Make sure we can complete everything we sign up for in a sprint. I know we still have a lot need to be done and this project is crucial to us and to the company. However, if you look at it in a different perspective, we are also in a very good position to have a top notch ERP system for the market down the line.

This week, I have done a lot of lunch with teams and team members. I also invite all team leads to have lunch with me. Asking them what I need to improve, what they want from us in Richmond. Did we give them what they required.

Lunch with team leads

Lunch with team leads

Lunch with team leads

Lunch with team members

Heading to have chinese food

They also have monthly birthday cake

This was my last week so I keep explored some other new places in Chennai. I found a good Mediterranean cuisine restaurant. They served good Italian, Greece and Turkey dishes. They also has live music every night and you can also pick you only song for them to perform.

I am not a regular smoker but I like cigar. I enjoyed going out with friends with a glass of wine and cigar, chat about everything. I have a chance to go out with couple team members for wine and cigar and they found me a place that I can smoke cigar indoor! In North America I believe only Las Vegas allow smoking indoor or inside casino. There is no way you can do this in Canada. I am not encouraging people to smoke but I love smoking cigar once in a while to enjoy my precious spare time.

Snacks for cigar and beer

Dinner with live music

Enjoying my cigar

Dinner with team members

My buddy

Dinner with buddy

Even though I miss my family and all my friends in Richmond but I do enjoy every moment I stay in Chennai. I do miss this city and also the people especially the STI team members that I worked with them for a month. Good luck to them and hope all teams will have a good sprint going forward.

Mutton Biryani

At the Central Railway Station - Chennai Lankmark

Landmark of Chennai - Central Railway Station

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3 Responses to Last Week in Chennai

  1. Doris says:

    Hi Albert, I loved your blog and really enjoyed the video’s this was the next best thing to being there. It seems that you had a very productive trip to our India team offices.

  2. Ringo says:

    Good Job Albert! See you soon!

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