Week Three in Chennai

This week was the sprint end so everyone works extra hard trying to complete all their stories so that we can show all our work in the demo. Monday and Tuesday are the most intense; we tried to fix all the issues reported by QA and commit all changes so that the demo server can pick it up by the end of Tuesday. Our plan is to demo everything from the demo servers Wednesday morning.

This was the best sprint ever in STI for all three development teams. No just because I was there to assist them and help them but also they were working very hard. Culture in India is different, they worked hard because they want to achieve something but they also want to have some acknowledgements. We have ECE award to employees why not we also have something like this for STI team members? They enjoy being rewarded after spending extra effort to finish their tasks.

This is the Sage Sign near the elevator

Working in progress...

After spending three weeks in Chennai, I was getting use to the weather, traffic and people. I was starting to go out by myself alone. Taking TukTuk to visit places – what they called in here is Autos. People told me make sure I bargain with the driver for the fee, they might charge you way more if they know that you are foreigner. I actually asked the staff in the hotel to see how much it will cost me from hotel to my destination before I go bargain with the driver. One interesting thing was I have to pay more for the return and the reason was they usually charge more at late night than day time.

This week I went to watch Harry Potter by myself and also enjoy my weekend with a glass of red wine. This was the first time I ordered red wine in India and the tax for wine is way more than in Canada. I can’t believe the liquor tax for wine is 58%! One glass of local red wine is 500 rupees + 58% tax was 790 rupess which is CAD $17.55!!

Team member also told me I can try going disco in one of the hotel nearby if I like dancing and enjoy music. I did go but I was disappointed that they didn’t allow single except you are their hotel guest. But anyways, I ended up having a very nice authentic Thai food in this hotel.

Watch Harry Potter 3D movie by myself

Dinner with Automation lead

Dinner with one of the QA Leads

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